Confirmed: Sonic Generations on the 3DS Will Have 100 StreetPass Missions

In my preview of Sonic Generations, I told you that Takashi Iizuka, Sonic Series Producer, announced 100 StreetPass missions available on the 3DS version of Sonic Generations. The information was said very matter of factly and it seemed to be a translation mistake more than an actual reveal.

Well tone of voice be damned, SEGA officially revealed that it is in fact a feature of the game. It detailed the Spot Pass component of the handheld version, where you can list your favorite secondary Sonic characters and show your play time. When exchanging your Pass with other players, it will get updated in various ways.

The mission part is more interesting though. When making a Spot Pass exchange, you unlock missions ranging from Time Trials to defeating waves of enemies.  If you don’t have friends who own the game, you can also unlock the missions with Game Coins.

Check out my hands on time with the game to find out why this is a game you should be hopeful about.


Isshak Ferdjani

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