Conker Creator Says the Return of Rare IP to Nintendo Platforms Was “Inevitable”

Conker Creator Says the Return of Rare IP to Nintendo Platforms Was “Inevitable”

According to an industry veteran, the return of Banjo and Rare IP to Nintendo platforms was going to happen sooner or later.

Before Rare was purchased by Microsoft and absolutely crushed everything near and dear to my heart by releasing Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, they were releasing absolute bangers for all of my favorite Nintendo consoles. Well apparently to the creator of Conker, the return of Rare IP to Nintendo platforms is going to happen sooner or later.

In an interview with VGC, Chris Seavor shared his thoughts on the recent announcement of Banjo making his return to Nintendo in the form of a Smash DLC character and the thought of Rare IP returning to the platform. Seavor stated: “It is significant, very significant but it was also inevitable. You only have to look at the reaction to Banjo’s appearing in Smash to see that this was purely a fan-driven thing, and fans are if nothing else a noisy and belligerent bunch. I mean, it’s an abbreviation of ‘Fanatic’ after all. Whether they’ll be as loud about the other IP’s including Conker is up for debate… I’d say not likely.”

It is no secret that the announcement of Banjo coming to Smash was a big deal. Just look at the countless amount of reaction videos you can find on YouTube. It might be safe to say that the game development studio’s huge catalog of games might be better suited for Nintendo systems. Seavor agrees. “Yes of course they are,” he stated. “I’ve always thought Microsoft made the right decision to acquire Rare, but for all the wrong reasons. That being, so no one else could have them.”

As a Banjo superfan and a general fan of most of Rare’s retro titles, I would love to be able to pop back into them on my Switch. Hopefully, the industry veteran’s hunch is correct and the two companies will partner in a wider capacity in the future.