Classic RTS Conquest: Frontier Wars Now Available on Steam

Classic RTS Conquest: Frontier Wars Now Available on Steam

Fever Pitch Studio and Descendent Studios announced that they have re-released RTS classic Conquest: Frontier Wars on Steam today.

Conquest: Frontier Wars was developed by Fever Pitch Studios and published by Ubisoft back in 2001, and was received well by critics upon its release in August of that year. Purchasing the Steam version of the game will also net you the original manual digitally, the soundtrack and the source code. The developers also provided the following description of the game:

Mankind has finally learned how to explore the outer regions of space using wormhole technology, but Man is not alone in the Void. Two other races are also exploring and exploiting the cosmos for its resources and living space! Expand your fleet, explore your universe, and crush your opponents!

Conquest: Frontier Wars features large-scale fleet battles, intelligent fleet admirals who serve under your command as hero units, and pulse-pounding deep space RTS Sci-Fi gameplay! Manage your supply lines while waging war in multiple maps simultaneously. Don’t let your fleets collapse because as the old maxim states: your fleet is your fate.

  • Oversee up to 16 interplanetary battle maps at once through the cunning use of wormholes.
  • Enter a new dimension of strategic possibilities with the supply line management system.
  • Command up to 6 highly intelligent fleet admirals who implement your orders, assess threats, and react with organized tactics

You can check out some screenshots of the Steam version of the game below. Conquest: Frontier Wars is now available on Steam, and will be available at a 40% discount from today until January 24.