Contest! Win a Copy of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

on December 7, 2011 12:00 PM

I recently reviewed Ace Combat: Assault Horizon and enjoyed it.  Arcade style flight sims are few and far between, and the Ace Combat series stands on top of all of them.  We here at DualShockers were recently sent a copy of the game for the XBox 360 to give out to one of you lucky kids.  As I am not an artist of any sort, I wanted to make it so this contest was easy to enter.

Now, seeing as how the DLC for the games consists of new paint schemes for your planes that can alter their stats, for this contest, I just want you to tell me what character-themed paint scheme you’d want to see released as DLC. Dont keep it to Idolm@ster or other Namco products.  If you want to see Commander Shepard or Nathan Drake’s image on a fighter, tell us.  However the twist is that you need to tell us what stats will be boosted by the character’s paint scheme, and no, “all of them” is not an answer.

So to recap, to win a copy of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon (Xbox 360 version only, sorry PS3 fans), tell us what character you want to see released as DLC and how that characters paint scheme will affect the jet! Details of the contest are below.

  • Open to U.S. residents only.
  • Only one entry per person, all others after the first will be ignored.
  • Please leave a way to get in contact with you (such as your Twitter account, and follow @DualShockers so we can DM you).
  • Contest runs from the time of this posting through 6:00pm Eastern, December 14, 2011.
  • The winner is left up to the sole discretion of the DualShockers staff.
  • Reminder: This is for an Xbox 360 version of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.
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