Contrast Takes You Behind The Scenes With New Backstage Trailer

on October 31, 2013 12:25 PM

Contrast is shaping up to be a beautiful game, a blend of art styles and music and a touching story at it’s heart. With developer Compulsion’s newest Backstage Trailer, Guillaume Provost, Director of Compulsion, Joshua Mills, Set Designer at Compulsion and Whitney Clayton, Visual Designer at Compulsion take gamers through the influences and design choices behind that game, including its use of film noir, German Expressionism and jazz (with vocalist Laura Ellis).

Contrast is the story of Didi, a girl searching for her missing father, with the aid of her imaginary friend, Dawn. The two protagonists will venture through a world of mystery and shadow, which Dawn can traverse by jumping into the 2D plane at will. With Didi’s help in manipulating light sources, the two will solve riddles and platform puzzles to uncover more of the story.

Contrast will be available mid-November, in two packages: a standard digital edition available on the PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, and a Collector’s Edition via Steam. The Collector’s Edition includes the Original Soundtrack of Contrast as well as the Contrast “Programme”, a 52-page art book with commentary by the development team. Players can also pre-order the game on Steam, receiving a 25% discount on the Collector’s Edition, and will receive the OST and “Programme” immediately. On Sony platforms, the title will be free as part of the PS4’s PlayStation Plus launch offer.

Check out the Backstage Trailer below; for more on the game, including details, screenshots and jazzy trailers, check out all of our extensive Contrast news.

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