Contrast’s Need Jazzy Trailer Explores Didi’s World And Shows Off Dawn’s Plane-Platforming Powers

on August 14, 2013 8:21 PM

If you’ve been keeping up with DualShocker’s coverage on Compulsion Games and Focus Home Interactive’s upcoming title, Contrast, then you know that the game follows the youthful protagonist, Didi, and her imaginary friend, Dawn, who can explore their world by jumping between the 3D plane and the 2D plane of shadows. The newest video, “Didi’s Trailer,” shows off a little more of that, all to the tune of Cissie Redgwick’s “Gimme That Swing.”

A little of Didi’s background has also been explained, with her described as living with her mother, Kat, and yearning for her father, Johnny, who left his Didi and Kat “some time ago.” Dawn actually compensates for this lost, being the friend Didi needs when no one else is around.

Contrast is set in a noir-styled world with an edge of magic, using a mixture of art styles most heavily based on the “whimsical, dark and bizarre nature of German expressionism” and the general “artistic decadence” of the 1920s, combining the “dilapidated architecture and winding alleyways you find in Mediterranean cities like Venice, Lisbon and Barcelona.” The game will be a world full of vaudevillian cabaret singers, circus performers, and illusionists, with players needing to manipulate light sources to effectively traverse the 2D shadow plane.

Contrast is set to arrive on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, sometime this year. If this trailer is any indication of the next few to come, I seriously can’t wait for Dawn’s trailer.

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