Contratulation!! New Ciel no Surge Screenshots, Now Featuring Engrish!

on April 1, 2012 12:29 PM

We’ve got some new Ciel no Surge screenshots coming your way, showing off a few character models, some menu screens in Japanese mixed with a light dollop of Engrish, and a sense of some of the game’s co-op elements.

From what we can gather via 4Gamer, players will be able to link to each other’s games to exchange information, compare notes, and browse each other’s activities. Also, 4Gamer gleefully proclaims that with co-op multiplayer, once a day “you can charge energy to the ‘micro-quasars’ in all players, that you can you can get the HymP.”  Sounds exciting. Everybody who loves a good ‘micro-quasar’ — and who doesn’t in this day and age, am I right? — check out the screenshots after the break!

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