Control is Available on the Switch Today

Instead of running natively on the Switch, Control will be streamed to the device via the cloud

October 28, 2020

Control: Ultimate Edition is making a surprising leap to the Switch.

Announced during today’s Nintendo Mini Direct partner showcase, the game is coming over to the portable console as a cloud version. As such, players will need a high-speed internet connection to play the game, a requirement that doesn’t exactly play well with the Switch’s mobile capabilities. It shouldn’t be a surprise though – Control is a demanding game, one that couldn’t run natively on the Switch without the console melting in the player’s hands. The only way the game could possibly come to the console is by being streamed.


The biggest surprise of all though is that Control: Ultimate Edition is available today for players to pick up. You can check out the game’s eShop page here.

Speaking of Control moving to other consoles, publisher 505 has recently upset players upgrading to the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. Players of Control that bought all the game’s DLC, essentially meaning they have the same content as Control: Ultimate Edition, have recently been told that they would not be able to upgrade to the game’s next-gen version for free because they didn’t actually own Control: Ultimate Edition. This discrepancy was exacerbated when owners of the base game and all the game’s DLC were accidentally upgraded to the game’s Ultimate Edition, only to have that version of the game swiftly taken away.


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