Control Gets Eerie New Trailer and Screenshots Showcasing the World

Control Gets Eerie New Trailer and Screenshots Showcasing the World

A creepy new trailer for Remedy Entertainment's Control shows off the game's setting.

Remedy Entertainment has revealed a new trailer and some screenshots showcasing the in-game world of their upcoming title Control. As usual, you can see everything for yourself down below.

The trailer is narrated by the voice actor behind Max Payne, James McCaffrey, who plays Trench — the previous director of the Federal Bureau of Control. Throughout it we get slow-moving shots through the Old House, the building and world players will get to traverse through in Control. In those scenes, you can also see lifeless bodies eerily hovering through different rooms.

Based on the dialog in the trailer, we learn that the Old House was discovered in 1964 in the New York City subways. The Old House has now been turned into a brutalist building located at the heart of the city. The place totally blends reality as other dimensions are leaking into rooms. These rooms are called “Thresholds” in the Old House.

Control is definitely a strange game with a lot of mystery surrounding it. But it seems like that’s totally what the team over at Remedy is going for. If you want to learn more about its world, story, and protagonist, you can check out my interview with creative director Sam Lake and lead actress Courtney Hope.

Control will launch sometime in 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.