Remedy Announces That Control is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X

Control, Remedy's hit game from last year, is officially coming "at a later date" to both PS5 and Xbox Series X the studio announces via Twitter.

Remedy’s 2019 hit Control wasn’t on the PS5 reveal show, but that doesn’t mean it’s not coming to next-gen consoles. The studio somewhat quietly revealed via Twitter that the game is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X “at a later date”. And really, there’s not much more they needed to say.

For people looking to play Control on a console, this is great news. The PS4 and Xbox One ports weren’t great technically on launch. So, while the game was a visual delight on PC, console users were unable to get that same experience. Frame rate seemed to be all over the place, making it unplayable for stretches. Personally, I played the game on PC, so I didn’t see any of this first hand. However, the issues were widespread enough that it’s impossible to dismiss them.

The added horsepower of the new consoles should do quite a bit to alleviate those problems. Which is awesome. More people should enjoy that game in the ways Remedy intended. It’s a stunning game at max settings with RTX enabled on PC. Getting that in front of more people is super smart.

As you can tell from the top, we don’t yet have a firm release date for Control on PS5 and Xbox Series X. That said, you have to assume it will be a launch game for both consoles. Once we get those dates, you’ll likely be able to pencil in the same date for this. Regardless, this is a great get for both consoles and for Remedy. People are going to be looking for more games to play on their new console this holiday and Control is a great option.

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