Remedy Entertainment Unveils Control, Releases Announcement Trailer

Remedy Entertainment Unveils Control, Releases Announcement Trailer

Remedy Entertainment's new game, previously referred to as Project 7, finally gets a formal announcement and reveal trailer.

Once referred to as Project 7, then simply as P7, Remedy Entertainment has finally released a trailer for its highly anticipated new game Control at Sony’s E3 press conference. The trailer for Control, striking a similar aesthetic to Christopher Nolan’s Inception, shows a protagonist using telekinesis on objects, controlling time, and firing weapons at adversaries.

Having previously developed titles such as Alan Wake, Max Payne. and (most recently) Quantum Break, Remedy Entertainment has been teasing the announcement of a new title for quite some time. Prior to Sony’s press conference, Remedy Entertainment had the following description of Control on its website:


Of course, the ability to control matter is not new to a Remedy Entertainment title. The company’s most recent release Quantum Break also allowed players to control the passing of time at their own volition through the use of wearable suits.

You can watch the reveal trailer for Control below. The game will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam sometime next year. For more E3 coverage, you can watch Sony’s press conference live here.