Remedy Wants Your Control Content For The Game’s One Year Anniversary

Remedy Wants Your Control Content For The Game’s One Year Anniversary

Remedy needs your help celebrating Control's one year anniversary; submit any fan-made Control content you have for an upcoming project.

To celebrate Control’s first birthday, developer Remedy  Entertainment would like you to show them what the game means to you. The team is asking for your best Control content which includes reactions, fan art, photos, cosplay, or anything you think exemplifies just how special the game is. Remedy–along with publisher 505 Game–have set up a submission page for your creations that might be featured on their social networks and websites.

Last year on August 27, Remedy unleashed their game Control. The supernatural action-adventure video game that could best be described as an episode of the X-Files directed by David Lynch was a 2019 GOTY contender for many of us at DualShockers. Control takes place at the mysterious headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC), the Oldest House, which deals with studying the paranormal.

In the game, you play as the FBC’s director Jesse Faden, who must stop the supernatural enemies known as the Hiss who have invaded the seemingly unending, and always changing, Oldest House. Armed with a pistol that takes on many forms through upgrades and the power of telekinesis and levitation, Jesse became an instant video game icon.

Control recently received the sizable DLC addition titled The Foundation. The game has also been confirmed for PS5 and Xbox Series X. No further details about the next-gen port of Control were offered, but since the PC version supports ray tracing, it’s likely the upcoming console version will also feature the technology.

Happy Birthday Control,  but don’t forget, “The cake is a lie!” Control is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One; we will keep you updated as we discover what this mystery project is.