Control Ultimate Edition - How's it run on the PS5?

Control is notorious for being poorly optimized on consoles. The Control Ultimate Edition on the PS5 changes all that.

Today, Peter’s comparing the Control Ultimate Edition on the PS5 with the game on a base PS4. Spoiler alert: it runs like a dream now. Make sure to like and share the video and subscribe to our YouTube channel right here.

PS4 Control crawled so PS5 Control could actually run.

Check out our impressions of Control Ultimate Edition on PS5 right here.

Peter Hunt Szpytek

Peter is from Chicago. He's played more JRPG's than he can count despite being not totally great at them and you can usually find him on the weekends dropping hot in Apex Legends. When not holding a controller, he's at the gym trying to get in shape for his next cosplay.

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