Control Won't Have New Game Plus, Will Receive Photo Mode After Launch

With Control launching later this month, the game is confirmed to get post-launch content such as photo mode but no new game plus mode.

In a new interview with IGN, Control creative director Mikael Kasurinen talked post-launch content such as photo mode and new game plus.

To get the bad news out of the way, Kasurinen confirmed that the game won’t be getting a new game plus mode post-launch. While it’s been something the developer has talked about, the feature won’t be added to the game due to technical challenges and a lack of resources. As for a photo mode, that’ll come to the game post-launch once the game is out and the developers have had a bit of a break.

“There are no challenge or survival modes, but let’s see what we’ll do post-launch,” said Kasurien. “Our team is really small so we have to carefully choose what we do. Whatever alternate games mode we could do, they’d have to fit into the world of Control.”

“There are features in the game like ‘Bureau Alerts,’ which pop up from time to time requiring the player to go to a certain area of the Oldest House and clear Hiss or fight a mini-boss in a certain time,” Kasurinen continues. “The Director’s help is always required throughout the Oldest House.”

Kasurinen confirmed the game will last anywhere between 10-20 hours depending on how many times players go through the game and if you do all the side content and find all the collectibles. Additionally, Kasurinen said two expansions will come later down the road alongside other post-launch content.

Control launches on August 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. If you can’t get enough Control, a new story trailer was released recently that delves more into the narrative and characters.

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