Controversial Game House Party Returns to Steam After Some Quick Censorship Work

Controversial Game House Party Returns to Steam After Some Quick Censorship Work

House Party makes its return to PC an Steam with censorship and an easy away around said censorship.

House Party is a weird game that was available on Steam. House Party was also a game that got removed from Steam a few days ago. But now it has returned. But now it also has some new censorship features.

Back on June 30th a game called House Party launched for PC via Early Access. It then stayed there for quite a bit. Then last week it was removed from Steam — kinda out of nowhere. But at the same time — everyone who played the game, could’ve seen it coming.

According to developer Eek! Games at the time, the removal was temporary, and was the result after Steam “very kindly” reached out to the developer. According to Eek!, Steam reached out after they received a number of complaints about its nature, and thus after presumably some type of review, issued the above notice, and offered for the game to removed, modified, and then resubmitted.

So what were the complaints and issues? Well, according to the developer it all stemmed from the game’s inclusion of “pornography.” Thus, once the pornography was removed, the game would be re-enabled. No specifics were provided on what content Steam was referring to specifically, but if you watch some playthroughs of the game, I’m assuming you could garner a pretty good guess.

But none of that matters anymore — because the game is back on Steam. But as I mentioned above, it now has some censor bars; however, otherwise the game’s story and content remains the same. Just, adios male and female nudity. Steam is happy.

As for people who bought the game before this debacle and want their nudity back — well — Eek! Games has a solution for you in the form of an off-Steam patch that lets users restore the game to its original form (because the current Steam version does not). According to the developer, the patch is “small and easy” and of course on-the-house.

House Party is available for $14.99 USD. There is currently no word on a final release. If you want, below, you can check out an overview-type look of the game, courtesy of MeatyLock: