Cooking Mama Hits 2 millionth Unit in the UK: Cooking Mama 4 to Release November 25th

on November 7, 2011 10:30 AM

Yes, you heard me correctly. The game series based on pretending to do something that’s actually easier to do in real life (if you can read, you can cook) has sold 2 million copies in the UK and 12 MILLION copies worldwide. In the UK, the first Cooking Mama game for the DS is still the number one selling third-party game for the DS platform. Personally, I would find it interesting to compare the sales of the Cooking Mama series with the sales of both take out and cookbooks over the last few years.

Pretending to cook not enough for you? Top Chef re-runs boring you lately? Well don’t worry, Mama’s multifaceted! Lately, she’s been trying her hand at gardening, crafting, and babysitting too. Babysitting Mama even comes with a life-sized, interactive plush peripheral. Since you need one more thing gathering dust once you get bored of a game.

Anyway, November 25th sees the release of the ninth and tenth games in the series: Cooking Mama 4 for the 3DS, as well as Cooking Mama World: Outdoor Adventures on the DS. Below is the trailer for Cooking Mama 4.

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