Okay, This IRL Cooking Mama Game is Making Me Hungry

Okay, This IRL Cooking Mama Game is Making Me Hungry

Is it too early for lunch?

Need a palate cleanser from last year’s Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop? Don’t worry– Twitter user  @crabbage_ (also known as Connie) has you covered. Earlier this week, the computer science student posted a video of a physical version of Cooking Mama that will make your taste buds tingle.


Created using the Unity engine and Arduino (a combination of hardware and software that allows developers to create interactive, physical objects), Connie’s video shows Cooking Mama being played with a tangible (albeit fake) cut of meat. Equipping a knife-shaped peripheral, Connie is able to “cut” the meat in lieu of using Cooking Mama‘s traditional controller inputs.

If anything, Connie’s creation just makes me more excited for a Cooking Mama title to come to the Nintendo Switch. Just last year, Cooking Mama producer Rising Star Games announced that Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop would be the last title in the franchise to come to the Nintendo 3DS.

Of course, a lot has changed in that time. While it certainly seemed like the 3DS was facing its death rattle last year, recent events suggest otherwise. This year’s surprise announcement and release of Luigi’s Mansion on the 3DS, as well as Nintendo’s new Mario Maker 3DS bundle, make it seem like Nintendo is going to continue to support the console. Additionally, in an interview with Kotaku‘s Stephen Totilo, Reggie Fils-Aime stated that he “hopes” Nintendo will still be selling the 3DS in four years.

Regardless, the prospect of a Cooking Mama title on the Nintendo Switch is too enticing to pass up. After seeing how Super Mario Party utilized the Joy-Con, it seems certain that a Nintendo Switch version of Cooking Mama would be well done. In fact, I feel like there’s only a rare chance the series won’t come to the Switch. Okay, okay, I’ll stop the cooking puns, I’m sorry.