Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop Will Be the Last Installment on 3DS; International Release Dates Revealed

With the reveal of Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop's international release date, we also learn the saddening news that Cooking Mama will not be seeing another return to 3DS.

on May 2, 2017 9:47 PM

Today, Rising Star Games announced the International retail and digital release dates for Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop. Additionally, the publisher revealed that this would be the last Cooking Mama game to come to the 3DS.

Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop will be baking its way to North American 3DSs physically on May 16 and digitally on May 18. Internationally, the game will see a May 26 physical release and May 25 digital release on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

Although there will be no further Cooking Mama‘s on 3DS, we can at least look forward to this installment, which will feature 60 recipes of sugary delectables and deliver them over the course of 160 minigames. Players will have to use every tool the 3DS has to offer in order to make Mama’s Shop the best it can be, including cooling these treats with the 3DS microphone or stirring mixtures with the stylus.

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