Cooking Simulator to Arrive Early 2019 for PC, Will Probably Let You Mash Potatoes

I like my potatoes mashed and not lumpy.

If you’ve ever played Overcooked and wanted it to be more realistic, realistic enough to feel as if you’re Gordon Ramsay himself, then a new cooking simulator is heading to PC next year and it’s called Cooking Simulator.

From developer Wastelands- Interactive, Cooking Simulator has players getting down to business in the kitchen, allowing them to learn how to master the game through tutorials in a Cooking School mode. There’s also going to be a Career mode that will allow you to work towards becoming the best chef in the world.

Kitchens look realistic and are kitted out with various kitchenware to allow you to take advantage of over 120 ingredients to use in 60 different recipes. Players won’t just be in charge of preparing and cooking food, but they’ll also have to manage appliances and ensure measurements are correct.

A sandbox mode is also being introduced to Cooking Simulator allowing you to have creative control of your food so I guess scrambled garlic pancakes are on the menu. Apparently, you can even juggle some pots, cook in zero gravity, or make a tower of vegetables while on fire. On top of realistic physics, the game will be a single-player experience with the three game modes I’ve mentioned and will be available in six different languages.

You can watch a video below from last month. The title will be published by PlayWay who has recently seen Escape Doodland hit its Kickstarter goal.

Cooking Simulator is planned to launch on PC in early 2019.

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