Cool Your Jets With Science and Zalman’s New CPU Cooler

on April 24, 2011 5:00 PM

Cool Your Jets With Science and Zalman's New CPU Cooler

Zalman’s new CNPS7X LED CPU cooler has a lot of magical science in it, all of it designed to cool your CPU as effectively as possible.

It has a “composite heatpipe”, doubling the amount of heatpipe technology in your CPU cooler. It has a V-shaped dual heatsink design for doubling your heatsinks in your CPU cooler. And it supports both Intel and AMD processors, doubling your compatibility.

The whole thing was designed around doubling, it seems.

It also has special thermal grease and a cool glowy fan.

This beautiful piece of modern engineering is not out yet, but you can check Zalman’s site for more information on this and many other computer hardware products.

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