Coronavirus Infests League of Legends China, Delaying League Matches

Coronavirus Infests League of Legends China, Delaying League Matches

League of Legends league matches in China have been postponed until further notice following the current Coronavirus outbreak.

The Coronavirus outbreak in China continues to make waves, as it now been confirmed that the League of Legends league matches in China have been postponed. Originally the LPL was scheduled to reconvene after February 5th after the conclusion of the Chinese New Year, but because of the breakout that has been delayed:

This was first reported on by Ran, a LPL focused journalist, who then directed any readers to keep track of the official LPL Twitter account for more information on the league. That account released a status update about the postponed league matches, stating that they have “decided to postpone week 2” until they can “ensure the safety and health of our players and fans”:

Hopefully there will be more updates in the future concerning this turn of events. Meanwhile keep an eye out on both Twitter accounts shown above as well as DualShockers for any breaking news.

Ahead of the start of the 2020 ranked season of League of Legends that took place earlier this month, Riot Games released a stunning new cinematic music video associated with the game.

The video and song, called “Warriors,” was in the same visual style as many of Riot’s previous cinematics that they’ve released for League of Legends. Various champions from the game such as Ezreal, Sylas, Garen, Urgot, Vi, Lux, Caitlyn, and Kaisa were featured throughout the video. In addition a new champion named Sett, released around the same time. Sett marked the third new champion that Riot has released since Worlds 2019.

Before then was the champion Aphelios released in 2019. His character is aided by the spirit of his twin sister, Alune, who is gifted with magical abilities. Alune can also see through the eyes of Aphelios and cast her magic through him, essentially making this champion a two-in-one character.

League of Legends Worlds Semifinals back in November 2019 brokes some serious records. During its peak on Sunday, the broadcast between G2 and SKT reached a concurrent viewership total of nearly 4 million people around the world, excluding China. According to Esports Charts, the exact total at which the broadcast topped out at was 3,985, 787 viewers.

This means that the semifinals matchup between SKT and G2 Esports was the most concurrently-watched esports event in history. This even blew away the previous record-holder, the Fortnite World Cup, which took place earlier this year and reached a concurrent total of 2.3 million viewers.