Corpse Party to Hit PSN November 22nd

Corpse Party to Hit PSN November 22nd

Like horror, high school stories and JRPGs? Need something to spend time playing on the subways, while simultaneously guaranteeing yourself all the elbow room you want? Then you don’t want to pass this up.

XSEED games will be releasing Corpse Party on the PlayStation Network on November 22, and for only $19.99 you don’t want to miss it.

Players follow the story of a group of high school kiddies stuck in an elementary school with a bloody past. Harassed by ghosts, the player must keep their wits about them while trying to make the right decisions in order to gain the true endings of each chapter. In a gimmick rather reminiscent of the old “Choose You Own Adventure” novels I was obsessed with in middle school, only by making the right choices can you progress through the story.

The game’s hand-drawn art and retro 2-D graphics, in coordination with the 3D audio only add to the creepy atmosphere. This is a game you don’t want to miss.

Check out the game’s new website here.