Cortana Voice Commands Integrated Into Spotify on Xbox One

Cortana Voice Commands Integrated Into Spotify on Xbox One

Spotify on Xbox One now has Cortana voice commands, allowing you to play, pause, and skip tracks without having to leave the game you're currently playing.

Microsoft has integrated Cortana voice commands into Spotify on Xbox One, allowing you to control the music without a controller.

This update is only available in the US currently and allows players to issue commands such as, “Hey Cortana, play my playlist on Spotify.” You can now use voice commands to play, skip, and pause songs without leaving the game you are currently playing. Kinect may officially be six feed under but voice commands are alive and well thanks to Spotify on Xbox One.

Spotify has also been updated in general for Xbox One, allowing users to access things such as recently played songs, the “Made for You” hub, and navigating your library easier.

Spotify on Xbox One first started in August of 2017 after a series of leaks pointing towards its release on Microsoft’s console. Free users can access the app but are forced to listen to ads, while subscribers can listen without interruptions as well as access to higher quality audio. Humorously, God of War‘s soundtrack was added to Spotify, allowing Xbox One users to listen to Bear McCreary’s composition while they play Forza Horizon 4 or Path of Exile.

Some other game soundtracks on Spotify includes DOOM (2016), various Sega titles, Horizon Zero Dawn, and The Order: 1886. Spotify came to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in March of 2015, and thankfully neither consoles require their premium subscription in order to access the music playing service. For those who have no taste and don’t want to listen to Doom’s soundtrack can utilize Spotify’s Gaming music channel.