Cory Barlog Teases Playing God of War Ragnarok On PS5

Cory Barlog is back on Twitter and is potentially teasing playing God of War Ragnarok on PS5.

June 15, 2022

God of War Ragnarok is easily one of the most anticipated games for a lot of people right now, with there being lots of speculation on whether it will release in 2022 or get delayed. Game producer Cory Barlog recently returned to Twitter after a short break and has teased playing the game.

Barlog served as lead animator on the original God of War game before taking on game director duties with the sequel. He stepped down as director after that before returning to the series as director for the God of War reboot in 2018.

He once again stepped back from directorial duties for the upcoming God of War Ragnarok, but has stayed on board as a producer. This means he will still play a major role in the game itself and no doubt would be getting to test out the game early.

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Barlog Returns From Twitter Hiatus

Twitter can be a fantastic way to stay connected with your favorites in the gaming industry, with Barlog undoubtedly being a fan favorite.

Sometimes it can be a little too distracting and Barlog recently took a hiatus from the social media platform for a few months before returning just the other day to respond to a tweet claiming they heard God of War Ragnarok would not be releasing in 2022 as is supposedly planned.

As you can see, the person who tweeted the potential delay was David Jaffe, director of the first God of War and creative director of God of War II. Interestingly enough, God of War II was when Cory Barlog took over as game director for that one, so they have worked together in the past.

The fact that he returned from his three-month Twitter hiatus to respond to this caught the attention of many people, especially after he used a smirking Ryan Reynolds gif as the response to that as well.

Barlog quickly returned to regular tweeting upon his return, including a cryptic tease that could mean he is playing God of War Ragnarok right now.

Passing on playing a newly arrived Steam Deck would be tough to do, but having God of War Ragnarok as the alternative could make that decision very easy.

This could easily just be trolling on Barlog’s part to make us think he’s talking about Ragnarok when he really isn’t. However, his propensity for teasing on Twitter makes us think he likely is referring to the much-awaited God of War sequel.

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