Cosplay Blowout – Games Week Milano 2011

on November 10, 2011 4:00 PM

They say that Italians are explorers, poets, artists and lovers, but they also make for some great cosplayers. Last weekend I was demolishing my feet at the Games Week convention in Milan (covering a con by yourself is a painful, painful task), and brought my beloved Nikon with me, in order to bring you some of the Cosplay goodness I got to experience.

As you will probably notice, the average quality of the costumes was really high, even because this time around the publishers have smartened up. Most of them, instead of (or in addition to) hiring the usual aloof and rather boring booth babes, went to the local cosplay community and hired some of it’s members, saving money and allowing the cosplayers themselves to recoup part of the expenses (that normally aren’t small) they had to shoulder to create their costumes.  Everyone wins (before you proceed past the cut, be advised: some of the pictures might be considered slightly not safe for work, depending on where you work).

This put me in a rather weird position, as I couldn’t really distinguish who, between the cosplayers standing each booth, were actual cosplayers that made their costumes by themselves, as opposed to simple models that got their costume nicely handed to them by the publishers I have been told, though, that a vast majority of them were cosplayers. That’s why I’m giving everyone a pass, and I’m including everyone in this gallery. Feel free to try and pick the artisans from the mercenaries if you can, and post your ideas in the comment section below. Knowing the high quality of the work of many Italian cosplayers, I’m quite sure you’d be surprised in most cases.

But without further ado, let’s get down to business. In the gallery below you can find all the pictures I could take. If we were live, I’d ask for a round of applause, because many are really fantastic, but feel free to leave a comment, Ladies and Gentlemen (yes, there’s a lot to enjoy for the ladies too,  this time around) and let us know who your favorites are.  Mine begins with a K, and has long, blond hair. Guess who she is.

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