Could Amy Hennig’s Star Wars Game Feature a Smuggler and Be Like Uncharted in the Star Wars Universe?

Could Amy Hennig’s Star Wars Game Feature a Smuggler and Be Like Uncharted in the Star Wars Universe?

First of all, let me include a disclaimer: this post is reaching a bit, possibly reading too much into something quite vague, so take it as a full fledged speculation piece to wish you all happy Star Wars day. It certainly includes quite a bit of wishful thinking mixed with the pieces of the puzzle.

A while ago, former Director and Writer of the Uncharted series Amy Hennig left Naughty Dog and moved to Visceral, where she’s working on a new Star Wars game. We also got wind that the new game will match Uncharted‘s genre as a third person action adventure.

Afterwards, Hennig’s old friend and voice of Uncharted 4‘s first teaser trailer Todd Stashwick joined the team as co-writer for the game.

Today is Star Wars Day, and Stashwick tweeted the following Instagram post:

May the 4th be with you! Happy Star Wars day from @amy_hennig and me. Pew! Pew!

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Hennig responded with the following:

Stashwick’s shirt and Hennig’s comment echo Han Solo’s legendary lines, but could this (especially the “we’ll be your scoundrels” line by Hennig) hide a secret tease?

“Scoundrels” has pretty much become another way to identify smugglers like Han Solo in the Star Wars universe, and this could be an indication that the new game might indeed feature a smuggler as its protagonist.

A DL-44 blaster pistol-armed scoundrel would definitely fit the third person action-adventure genre, and writing that kind of character would certainly fit Hennig’s repertoire well. After all she has spent several years creating witty lines for Nathan Drake.


This would result in a game that could very well remind fans of Uncharted in the Star Wars universe. Of course that’s a pretty big blanket definition, and there are still many ways in which the title could differentiate itself from Hennig’s former brainchild.

Yet, wouldn’t it be cool? Imagine a smug and witty space scoundrel born as the love child of Han Solo and Nathan Drake, in a game that plays in a similar way as the first three Uncharted titles, set around ancient Rakata mysteries and relics of the Old Republic.

It would possibly serve as a millennium-spanning bridge between the Knights of the Old Republic setting and the era of the movies, and show a rather unprecedented and definitely original angle of the Star Wars universe.

I don’t know about you, but I’d play that. Oh yeah, I would.