Grand Theft Auto V PS4/Xbox One Release Date Potentially Outed by Game Store (UPDATED)

on August 28, 2014 11:20 AM

GTA V released last year on last gen consoles. This year, we’ll hopefully be seeing a GTA V release on current gen hardware. The big question is, when?

According to the Croydon sore of British video game retailer, GAME, the game has a “provisional release date” of November 1st.

Could we see GTA V release on the PS4 and Xbox One in November? Hopefully Rockstar will come out with a statement soon detailing more on this revelation.

Update: asked if they were posoitive of the release date, the folks at Game Croydon specified that November 1st is the date they have on their internal calendar:

While we’re getting close enough to the release window for the game that Retailers’ release calendars should be fairly accurate, we should still treat this with a grain of salt and consider it a rumor until Take-Two announces the release date officially.

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