Could This Video be Leaked Footage of Battlefield: Hardline? You Decide!

on June 2, 2014 9:23 PM

Pro-tip: Do not fly helicopters in cranes. There’s some video floating around of what looks like of an early beta for Battlefield: Hardline.

While there’s no action, we do get a good look at one of the maps, vehicles and basejumping. Hardline is more a cops and robbers game than your a typical military first person shooter.

Its tough to gauge the legitimacy of the video but the player does seem to be accessing the game through Origin and the interface is close enough to a Battlefield game. So what do you guys think? Are looking at an early build of Battlefield: Hardline or an elaborate hoax because the internet is awful? Hurry and look before it gets pulled.

UPDATE: EA has gotten the video taken down, so maybe it was legit.

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