Could Titanfall 3 Be On The Horizon After Titanfall 2 Goes Free-To-Play?


Fans haven't seen a new installment to Titanfall since 2016, is now the time to complete the trilogy?

Following the announcement that Titanfall 2 would be going free-to-play for one weekend, DualShockers have started to ponder the possibility Titanfall 3 being on the cards for Respawn Entertainment.

The Titanfall series has become somewhat of a cult classic, with sales of the game being average at launch, many players never quite understood why the series didn’t skyrocket in terms of success.

Although fans haven’t had a new Titanfall game since 2016, Respawn Entertainment didn’t give up. In 2019, Respawn launched Apex Legends, a Battle Royale game that takes place 18 years after the events of Titanfall 2.

Apex Legends has found a huge amount of success since it launched 2 years ago, becoming one of the most played Battle Royale games around. So, with both titles being set in the same universe, could this mean Titanfall 3 still has hope of seeing the light of day?

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Apex Legends – Legacy Gameplay Trailer

Apex Legends – Legacy Gameplay Trailer

Titanfall 2 Free-To-Play Weekend

Many fans were shocked to discover that Titanfall 2, a game that was released 5 years ago, had suddenly gone free-to-play for one weekend.

Players are able to experience Titanfall 2 for absolutely no charge right now until May 3 at 10AM PT.

Now, this is likely Respawn’s way of promoting the upcoming ‘Legacy’ Season of Apex Legends. But could it also be to test the waters on a possible Titanfall 3? We’ll never know for sure, but it’s definitely a possibility Respawn could be considering if the free weekend of Titanfall 2 goes down a treat.

Titanfall 2 being free-to-play for a limited time gives Respawn Entertainment the opportunity to look at the scale of a possible audience for Titanfall 3. Plus, with the huge success of free-to-play games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Warzone, Respawn may also be considering the possibility of Titanfall 3 being completely free-to-play. It certainly worked out well for Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Includes Titanfall Content

It’s no secret that Apex Legends and Titanfall share the same universe, so of course there’s going to be content and easter eggs from Titanfall found in Apex Legends, but could it mean more?

With the launch of Apex Legends: Legacy (or Season 9 as many fans know it) arriving on May 4, players can expect to see a lot more Titanfall content. The latest Legend to be introduced to the Battle Royale is Valkyrie, the daughter of Titanfall character, Viper.

It’s a solid way for Respawn to continue the story of Titanfall, but it could also be the developer’s way of expanding the lore ready for a future Titanfall 3.

The developers have also gone on record to state that the latest Season of Apex Legends would include a lot of Titanfall content. So, don’t expect Valkyrie to be the only nod to Titanfall we see in Apex Legends: Legacy.

Titanfall 3 Rumours & Leaks

Tom Henderson is one of the most trusted industry insiders when it comes to games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Titanfall, and many more.

Back in March, Henderson tweeted out four games he thinks we should see in 2022. His list includes, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Starfield, Skull & Bones, and Titanfall 3.

Of course, we are all expecting some form of Modern Warfare 2 to arrive, either in the form of a sequel to 2019’s Modern Warfare or as a complete remaster to the original 2009 classic.

What caught many fans off guard though, is the inclusion of Titanfall 3 on Henderson’s list. Could this just be a wish list by the infamous leaker, or does he have insider information regarding the title?

Unfortunately, Henderson never clarified which one it was, but being one of the most trusted industry insiders around, he could know something about a new Titanfall title that we don’t.

DualShockers wishes we could say that Titanfall 3 is on the horizon, but that’s all the theories we have for now. Should more information ever come to light regarding a new installment to the franchise, we’ll be the first to let you know.

Make sure to let us know over on Twitter if you’d like to see Titanfall 3 released in the future!

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