Counter-Strike: Classic Offensive Gets the Steam Greenlight

Counter-Strike: Classic Offensive Gets the Steam Greenlight

Counter-Strike fans have taken to Steam Greenlight with an interesting mod for Global Offensive.

The mod, dubbed Counter-Strike: Classic Offensive, aims to recreate the game-play of Counter-Strike‘s 1.6 major update in the newer game Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The mod introduces changes to game-play components like weapon stats, recoil velocity, maps and physics while also removing bugs from the previous versions.


The development team’s goals are lofty:

The mod is for now taking both directions at the same time… keeping the balance from 1.6, while removing the bugs that were in 1.6 which were fixed in CS:GO, but still by keeping the exact same maps as they were in 1.6 but at the same time keeping the improvements CS:GO introduced

The mod is playable and is currently in public beta. If you’d be interested in seeing it release with support via Steam, be sure to make your desires known at the Greenlight page.

Below I’ve added a trailer for the game, which released before the beta began late last month.