Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Adds Custom Music Kits

October 10, 2014

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has now added custom music kits to the game. These music kits can be used to customize the players experience and replace sounds within the game.

Presently there are nine available music kits crafted specifically for CSGO. The kits replaced the main menu, round start, round end, bomb planted, bomb warning, won round, lost round, round end warning and death camera music in the game. By using the kits, you can even share your music with anyone you are playing with, and the kits include a special broadcasted MVP Anthem that plays whenever you earn the honor in a round.


The system sounds vaguely familiar to how Dota 2 lets players buy and use different announcer voices in the game, adding another way for Valve to provide value to fans through the community market. Speaking of the community market, while you can get a music kits through offers in CSGO, your most likely bet to secure one will be through Valve’s player ran market, where kits are currently valued as high as $100 as of writing. The price is steep, but if you are a really diehard fan it probably won’t be the worst purchase you’ve made, as some gun skins can reach as high as $400.

You can checkout the new update now on Steam and pick up the game if you haven’t yet already for a modest $14.99.

Andrew Matt

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