Counter-Strike Hacker Gets Head Shanked

on March 22, 2010 12:24 PM

Counter-Strike Hacker Gets Head Shanked

Getting a knife to the head is something that you usually see in shows like HBO’s Oz, or a gossip-worthy situation that occurs in my neighborhood every summer. However, it isn’t too much of a surprise nowadays when you hear of gamers killing each other off for the most ludicrous reasons. Today’s culprit is a an alleged Counter-Strike hacker in Jilin, China who was rushed to the hospital with a massive kitchen knife lodged in his skull. Apparently, a group of kids were feuding with the 17-year-old victim because he was using wall hacks at an Internet Cafe. Sadly, the verbal altercation turned ugly and Mr. Counter Strike Hacker’s skull was introduced with the cold steel of the kitchen knife.

The impaled teenager miraculously survived the shanking and didn’t suffer any long-term damage that one would expect with such a case. As per the doctors, the blade missed all major arteries so he will still have all motor functions. To show how much the kids wanted him dead, the knife used was rusty, so although the victim survived the attack, precautions are being taken to absolutely make sure that everything goes well during his healing process.

This just goes to show that cheating in public might not be the smartest thing amongst serious gamers. Who the heck carries rusty kitchen knives with them to play video games and stab cheaters? Indubitably, Chinese kids in Jilin, China do. The next time that kid decides to cheat, he’d better go in that cafe with a combat helmet and a body suit duct taped together from pots and pans.


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