Counterpoint TV Pt. 4: Is N4G Bad For Gaming Journalism?

on December 24, 2009 10:18 AM

If you weren’t already aware, our very own Editor, Joel Taveras was featured on PixelEnemy’s Counterpoint TV. At the end of the first 3 rounds Joel was neck and neck with PixelEnemy’s representative, Jay Michaels, but today brings us at the DualShockers an early Christmas gift.

The fourth part in the series was the most heated section so far. The subject matter was “Is N4G bad for gaming journalism?” Joel and Jay both made valid arguments, but Joel came out of this section on top. It just goes to show that we here at the DualShockers have the knowledge and evidence to back up our claims. The topic of smaller blogs, and their place in the gaming journalism spectrum came up as well. It seems unanimous, that the smaller blogs are what keep gaming journalism from stagnating.

Christmas day will bring us the final episode in this series, and Joel will be going into the final topic with a 10 to 8 lead on Jay Michaels. Regardless of who wins, we would like to thank for allowing us to be a part of Counterpoint TV. Be sure to check in tomorrow and see who comes out on top!

Evan is not only a contributing editor but also the official west coast liaison for the site. He is a Sony fanboy without regard but has also spent countless hours grinding away in Azeroth. A true video game music enthusiast and a well versed video game historian. You do not want to argue with the man, you will probably lose.