Crackdown 3 Supports Menu Narration on Xbox One and PC

If you require menu narration, Crackdown 3 has it, but it doesn't have much else accessibility wise.

Crackdown 3 is finally here after many years of being delayed and leaving us all anticipating its arrival, however one user who was sent a review copy noticed that the title supports game transcription through the Xbox One’s Ease of Access settings which is also available for Windows 10.

The video you can watch below shows off the user, SightlessKombat going through the Xbox One settings to the Ease of Access settings on the dashboard. He then goes over to “Game transcription” which opens up a range of settings to turn on, such as “Speech-to-text”, “Text-to-speech”, “Text-to-speech voice”. and then finally, “Let games read to me”. The last option is the one we’re focusing on.

When SightlessKombat enables the feature and returns to Crackdown 3 we can hear a narrator reading out the menu text. It’s nice to see the feature working well, the full text is read out including the currently selected option.

The only bad thing about it is that the feature doesn’t seem to be easily found and as SightlessKombat states, the feature is region locked, with the player having to set his consoles language region settings and location settings to the United States.

Xbox One consoles have had the Game transcription settings available for a while, but as detailed by the Game transcription support page, they have only been available on Windows 10 and Xbox One consoles for games that support the feature. As it stands, there doesn’t appear to be that many with only Forza Motorsport 7 and Halo Wars 2 being listed. Both titles that launched in 2017.

I spoke with Xbox Support to confirm if this is the full list or if it’s outdated and they confirmed that it is the full list of supported titles. Although the person I spoke with said that it depends on the game publisher or developer. So who knows, there could be more games supported.

While we’re talking about Crackdown 3, in the video we get to see the options menu in full, and it doesn’t seem to have any accessibility options available other than enabling Subtitles, which is a shame considering how games such as The Division 2 and Apex Legends are offering great support for those that require the features.

So there you go, Crackdown 3 does actually support menu narration by using Windows 10 and Xbox One Ease of Use features, although there appears to be no footage of this feature being used in the actual game. Give it a try, let me know!

Crackdown 3 is to launch on February 15 and will be available on Xbox One and PC. You can read our review on the title here.

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