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Crackdown 3 Makes a Political Jab In Brexit Based Easter Egg

UK-based developer Sumo Digital couldn't help but take a jab at Theresa May and Brexit in Crackdown 3 easter egg on PC and Xbox One.

There aren’t a ton of games willing to touch anything political, with most exploring the notion of games as escapism. It appears developer Sumo Digital couldn’t resist jeering at the political state of Britain in the recently-released Crackdown 3. As a result, UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May and Brexit is finding itself at the butt end of an in-game Easter Egg.

While we didn’t notice it in the DualShockers run of the game, publications and dedicated Crackdown 3 subreddits started noticing the reference to May:

Seen in the screenshot above, we see a sign for Theresa’s Food Bank. Following the asterisk, we note that “Restrictions Apply.” The joke here is that UK food banks usage are currently recorded at being more used now than ever, with concern that this trend will only increase as Brexit is carried out.

Why do we get a UK political reference in Crackdown 3? Well, the lead developers on the game — Sumo Digital — are based in the UK, with various subsidiaries being placed in Nottingham, Newcastle, and Sheffield. Given that the media is swarming on the political issue that is Brexit, it is much more prevalent subject matter to them.

Even better, this seems like a jab a Theresa May — something that is fairly low risk in 2019. Regardless where you find yourself on the Brexit controversy (if you even care or are impacted), May’s handling of the situation has been lambasted by both sides — with either end saying that their wishes aren’t being met. Meanwhile, those who are totally politically adverse in games (I’m with you) would likely never even notice such a slight Easter Egg.

In the meantime, recent news has offered both pros and cons with the launch of Crackdown 3. On one end, it’s pretty cool that the game offers menu narration for both PC and Xbox One. On the other hand, the game doesn’t let you group up with friends in multiplayer (which seems like a basic feature) — that won’t come until later in 2019. In fact, we were fairly disappointed by the game’s performance overall, giving the game a 5.0 out of 10 and lamenting on how great the title should have been.

Crackdown 3 is available now on PC and Xbox One; if you haven’t picked up the game and want to support Sumo Digital, you can grab it via Amazon.

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