Xbox's Phil Spencer Has Recently Played a Full Build of Crackdown 3, Says It has Made "Good Progress"

After playing a full build of Crackdown 3, Phil Spencer seemed to come away with positive impressions while acknowledging it still needs more work.

October 2, 2018

Crackdown 3 is the most elusive of Xbox One exclusives with news on the title coming incredibly rarely. Despite receiving a new release date ahead of E3, further information on the open world game has been sparse over the past few months to a point that is somewhat strange since it launches in early 2019.

According to Xbox’s head Phil Spencer though, work on Crackdown 3 has been going well which is something he would know considering he has played the game within the past few days. When responding to a fan’s question on Twitter recently, Spencer said that he played a full build of Crackdown 3 last week and said that Crackdown 3 has made “good progress” while also acknowledging that there’s “more work to do.”

It’s still a bit odd that we have yet to hear or see more of Crackdown 3 considering it launches within the next five months, but hopefully this can be the start of a new string of announcements for the game. Knowing that there is a full build of Crackdown 3 that is playable is a good sign and seems to indicate that Microsoft and Sumo Digital are still on track to release the game on time.

It seems like XO18 would be the best time to learn more about Crackdown 3 when that event takes place in early November. Regardless, we should hear more about the game relatively soon with it slated to release in February 2019 for both Xbox One and PC.

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