Crackdown 3 Release Date and Wrecking Zone Multiplayer Revealed at X018

Crackdown 3 Release Date and Wrecking Zone Multiplayer Revealed at X018

After years of silence, the multiplayer portion of Crackdown 3 has finally been shown off fully, along with a now official release date.

After years of waiting, Microsoft and Sumo Digital have finally lifted the curtain on Crackdown 3 in full at X018.

First and foremost, the specific release date for Crackdown 3 has finally been revealed, after a previous window of only February 2019 was revealed before. Now, we know officially that Crackdown 3 will launch on both PC and Xbox One on February 15, 2019. As with all other first-party Xbox One titles, it’ll also be hitting Xbox Game Pass on day one.

In addition to finally unveiling this date, the multiplayer portion of Crackdown 3, which is being called Wrecking Zone, was also shown off. This mode is available for play at X018 and features two teams of five doing battle in a fully-destructible environment. This core element of Crackdown 3 multiplayer was promised years ago when multiplayer was first announced for the title, and it seems that it has stayed intact over the length of Crackdown 3’s development. You can see a bit of Wrecking Zone in action at the bottom of the page.

Lastly, there was also a new trailer featuring Terry Crews, who is clearly still involved with Crackdown 3, which was also shown off. You can also find this new video attached below.

Crackdown 3 is available for pre-order on the Xbox Marketplace along with digital pre-load right now.