Crackdown 3 Single-Player Gameplay Footage Has Finally Emerged

Crackdown 3 Single-Player Gameplay Footage Has Finally Emerged

Months before it's finally scheduled to release, our first extended look in quite some time of Crackdown 3's single-player has been unveiled.

Crackdown 3 is Microsoft’s next major first-party release in the early portion of 2019, but despite releasing in a little under two months, we still haven’t seen much gameplay footage of the title. Well luckily, that today has finally changed.

Courtesy of IGN, a new slate of gameplay footage for Crackdown 3 was today released and it focuses solely on the game’s single-player mode. The video not only shows off the usual superhero-inspired gameplay that the Crackdown series has become known for, but it provides many other details about the game. For instance, each of your Agents in Crackdown 3 will have their own separate save files while the world you inhabit will have separate save files as well. This means that the Agent you play with will have its own save that is separate from the game world, which will then allow you to take Agents between other worlds where you might be further into an experience or earlier.

As for the actual gameplay itself, the demo shows off Terry Crews’ in-game character known as Jaxon fighting off hordes of enemies in order to lure out one of the game’s bosses to engage in a battle. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see this fight take place, so it seems like we’ll have to wait until the full game to see how it plays out.

Even though there has been a lot of concern around Crackdown 3 over the past few years, I think this new footage looks about like I hoped it would. While it’s not reinventing the Crackdown formula, it still looks like a ton of fun to actually play. Microsoft Studios’ Joseph Staten, who narrates the video, says that the company will continue to share more about both the campaign and multiplayer in the coming weeks leading up to release, so stay tuned for more looks at Crackdown 3 soon.

You can find today’s new gameplay video attached below if you’d like to check it out. Crackdown 3 is set to release early next year on February 15 for PC and Xbox One. You can pre-order it over on Amazon right now if you’re interested.