Craft Weapons, Capture Outposts, Hunt a Mammoth: Far Cry Primal Trophies Now Live

Craft Weapons, Capture Outposts, Hunt a Mammoth: Far Cry Primal Trophies Now Live

PSN Profiles now has a full trophy list for upcoming open world game Far Cry Primal. The newest Ubisoft crafted Far Cry game will have fifty-one total trophies, including a platinum. The trophies are split between two gold, nine silver, and a whopping thirty-nine bronze trophies.

None of the trophies are out of the ordinary for a Far Cry game. There are a lot of complete ‘x’ amount of this qualifications, from crafting, using specific weapons and items, taming animals, learning skills, and what I assume are story beat trophies. You can read the full list below, which includes a Wicker Man reference, below:


  • Apex Predator: Obtain all the Trophies.


  • Krati, Krati, Krati!: Steal the Izila mask of Krati.
  • Expansion: Capture all outposts.


  • Uncaged: Escape the Udam caverns.
  • Armorer: Use the crafting ability 100 times to craft weapons or arrows.
  • Liberator: Rescue a Wenja captive from the Izila.
  • Spearproof: Repel the Udam attack.
  • Twelve Labor: Complete any 12 Specialist missions.
  • Real Estate Baron: Complete all hut upgrades.
  • Tears Of Shame: Kill and skin 1 tamed beast.
  • Endangered: Fight the bloodtusk mammoth.
  • This Way To Oros: Survive the mammoth hunt.
  • Expert Wenja: Learn all skills.


  • Big Teddy: Tame the great scar bear.
  • Bad Trip: Influence 25 enemies using poison.
  • BEES!: Eliminate 10 enemies using sting bombs.
  • Quickdraw: Eliminate 15 enemies using throwing shards.
  • Right On Target: Kill a target 50 feet away or more using a spear.
  • Outta My Way: Eliminate 25 enemies while riding any beast.
  • Gotcha: Eliminate 10 enemies using hunting traps.
  • Sic ‘Em: Eliminate 50 hostile targets using a tamed beast.
  • Feathered Friend: Eliminate 15 enemies using your owl.
  • Mister Fix-It: Wogah joins the Wenja village.
  • Spiritual Advisor: Tensay joins the Wenja village.
  • David And Goliath: Eliminate 10 enemies using a sling.
  • Kanda Of Faith: Climb to the peak of Pardaku Lookout and leap off.
  • Gray Huntress: Jayma joins the Wenja village.
  • Skirmish: Capture 10 outposts.
  • Sharpshooter: Eliminate 100 enemies using a bow.
  • Deadeye: Karoosh joins the Wenja village.
  • Skewered: Eliminate 100 enemies using a spear.
  • Conquest: Capture all forts.
  • And Stay Down: Eliminate 100 enemies using a club.
  • Menagerie: Tame 7 beasts.
  • Killer’s Belief: Eliminate 25 enemies using any takedown.
  • Fancy Friend: Tame 1 rare beast.
  • To Ash: Complete the mission, The Fall of Batari.
  • Veterinarian: Heal a tamed beast 25 times.
  • Evolution in Action: Complete the mission, The Hunt for Ull.
  • Cave Hoarder: Pickup 80 collectibles.
  • Subdivisions: Your Wenja tribe reaches a population of 20.
  • Good Neighbor: Complete 15 “Help Wenja” quests.
  • Home Improvement: Build or upgrade any 2 village huts.
  • Mapmaker: Discover 15 hidden locations.
  • Good Boy: Tame the snowblood wolf.
  • Crush Your Enemies: Complete 10 “Tribal Clash” quests.
  • Here Kitty: Tame the bloodfang sabretooth.
  • Master Tracker: Complete 5 “Beast Kill” quests.
  • Bullseye: Kill a target 70 feet away or more using an arrow.
  • Mark 4 Wenja: Discover the future past.
  • Inflammable: Eliminate 50 enemies with fire.