Craftopia Closed Alpha Test Set For Late July on Steam, New Game Systems Revealed

Pocketpair revealed a new time frame for the Craftopia Closed Alpha Test following its delay and explained a few more crafting systems.

Pocketpair announced the Closed Alpha Test for Craftopia on Steam will begin July 27. Craftopia was initially scheduled to have its Closed Alpha Test in June. However, those plans were delayed due to the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic, slowing down the development team’s work, as they switched to remote work. If there are no critical defects found through the Closed Alpha Test this July, the game will launch in Early Access soon after, PocketPair said.

Pocketpair will start recruiting players for the Craftopia Closed Alpha Test very soon. Further details will be published via the studio’s Twitter account.

Craftopia is a Japanese indie game first revealed during Indie Live Expo 2020 (Be sure to check out our news roundup of the event) back in early June. 2020. It’s an incredibly promising online open-world RPG mixing hack’n’slash and tons of various crafting elements from farming to building vehicles. Four developers in total are working on the game. We’ve introduced them and shared many more details through our past coverage.

Together with this new announcement, some of the game systems in Craftopia have been expanded on.

Players can build various buildings and facilities including:

  • A Shop where the money from items sold is automatically redistributed to party members after a set amount of time.
  • A well to draw water for various needs.
  • A gachapon, with Pocketpair jokingly mentioned you won’t need real money to play it
  • Wheat fields for farming

The enchantment system was also revealed, basically all materials in Craftopia dropped by a certain source like a cow will have that source’s enchantment added to it. The enchantment remains in resulting items after using these materials for crafting. Meaning you can infinitely transfer enchantments from one item to another. It personally reminds me of the enchantment system in Record of Lodoss War: Advent of Cardice on Dreamcast.

Personally, Craftopia is definitely one game I have set my sights on and you can bet I’ll try to get in this Closed Alpha Test.

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