Craftopia Details Player Limit in Online Multiplayer, Game Systems

Craftopia: All the game systems including monster breeding, farming, randomly generated dungeons, skills, vehicles, character creation, online multiplayer.

Pocketpair Inc. announced PC game Craftopia during the Indie Live Expo 2020 event on June 6. Be sure to check out our news roundup of the event. Craftopia stood out as a particularly appealing game mixing online multiplayer survival, crafting, hack ‘n’ slash, vehicles, and more. Here are additional details we learned from Pocketpair Inc.

Craftopia‘s early access will launch this July 2020 for $24.99. Craftopia will include the following languages: Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese. More languages will be supported later on. You can check out the game’s Steam page here.

We also learned that up to “eight players or more” can play Craftopia together online. The game can be enjoyed solo as well.

Four developers are making Craftopia together. We have Takuro Mizobe the CEO of Pocketpair Inc, an ex-developer from Capcom, a developer that Mizobe met during his internship at Nintendo, and one last person. This is a pretty small team compared to how massive Craftopia feels. Takuro Mizobe mentioned the team is facing multiple difficulties during development, but managed to come all this way, ready for the early access launch.

Craftopia was born from the wish of mixing the favorite games of the four developers. It’s a mix of Sandbox, Open-World, Survival, Farming, Hack ‘n’ Slash, Factory Management, Hunting, Monster Breeding, Online Multiplayer, Anime-stylized Graphics, and Fantasy RPG. I’m trying to find a terrible nickname for the game. For now, my best shot is Age of Megaten Factory Mine Diablo Craftnautica of the Wild.

Jokes aside, here are additional details from the press release, along with the game’s trailer and screenshots:

Farming: 20+ crops are available for you to grow. Of course, you can grow crops one by one, but there are more you can do. With the power of agricultural machines, you can have large scale fields. While enjoying your self-sufficient life, why not make your colorful orchards?

Industrialization and Automation: You can automate every single item gathering. When you get tired of cutting woods and mining stones? Let’s automate! Tired of automation of simple activities? Then let’s start using belt-conveyors to build huge factories.

Breeding: By throwing Monster Prism at creatures, you can catch them as a pet. Not only animals like cows and deer, but most of the monsters are also tamable. Monsters, Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Exploring Dungeons: When the detector starts beeping, it’s the sign that you’re getting close to a dangerous dungeon. Go back to the town to equip yourself, then enter the dungeon in the hope of finding treasures. It changes its shape every time you enter. At the end of the dungeon, you will encounter bosses to fight. You will gain new abilities when you unleash the power of the world.

Fishing: In Craftopia, you can enjoy fishing too. Taste some fresh fish, and craft a shield from turtle shells! Once you get used to fishing on the coastline, it’s time to build a ship to sail! Let’s catch a whale!

Vehicles: Hoverboards, motorbikes, helicopters, automobiles, biplanes, tanks, air balloons, and machinery… Gather materials to craft what you want to ride! You can share a ride with your friends to explore the world together!

Skill Tree: 100+ skills to learn in Craftopia. You can create your character by learning various skills. Some are good at crafting; some are skilled at broad swords; some might do better in automation. Your job will vary throughout the adventure, depending on your play styles!

Character Creation: Gender/sex, race, hairstyle, eyes, faces, skin tones, facial hairs, face painting, you can customize all of them!

Multiplayer: Multiplayer is available. You can build factories, explore dungeons, catch fish with your friends. The choice is yours! You can even be an assassin if you want to.

Craftopia is definitely one of the indie games revealed at Indie Live Expo 2020 I’ll be personally keeping an eye on, along with Sumire no Sora and Cogen: Sword of Rewind. Meaning I’ll be covering it as much as I can time wise, as follow-up news will be coming soon via the game’s Twitter. Craftopia will also receive a Closed Alpha Test before the Early Access in July, and we’ll be sure to share our impressions of the game then. Like Ulala would say, stay tuned.

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