Hovercraft Arena Shooter Crash Force Entering Early Access Tomorrow

Hovercraft Arena Shooter Crash Force Entering Early Access Tomorrow

Ascanio Entertainment announced today that their game Crash Force will be available through Early Access on Steam tomorrow, January 20, for $29.99 before its full release this April.

The developers describe Crash Force as “a multiplayer arena shooter with RPG elements where players control powerful hovercrafts”. Players will be able to choose between various hovercrafts, which each have their own exclusive abilities. The Early Access version of the game will contain four distinct hovercrafts, while the full release will have nine.

These hovercraft models come from three unique factions: the Aquilas, who are powerful and quick, the Cicumas, masters of subterfuge, and the Clavae who are known to be cunning survivors. Each hovercraft is part of a class, and can be customized through a skill tree which unlocks attack, defense, and utility buffs.

Crash Force features four game types. Team Showdown, Capture the Flag, and Control the Nest are the game’s three team modes, and can be played in 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, and 6v6. The other mode, which does not have any teams, is called One Man Wolfpack and has players facing off against six to twelve other players independently.

You can look at some screenshots and watch the game’s Early Access trailer below. Crash Force will be available on both PC and Xbox One this April.