Create Your Own Ultimate Team with this NCAA Football 14 Trailer

Create Your Own Ultimate Team with this NCAA Football 14 Trailer

The fan-favorite Ultimate Team mode makes its way to NCAA Football 14, allowing the college fans to assemble the rosters they can only dream about. With over 2,500 former college football greats available at launch, EA Sports highlights how you can create the best of the best from not only your alma mater, but all of college football with this all new trailer.

With this feature EA Sports highlights the  following:

  • Determine your initial playbooks, as well as home and away uniforms.
  • Play against the CPU in Solo Challenges, or against the community in the new Head-to-Head Seasons mode. Solo Challenges help you to learn the game as you earn rewards along the way, and some of them have special unlock requirements that encourages you to keep collecting and improving your team. You will compete in 10-game seasons and advance up eight tiers of opponents. Winning games during the season will give you a higher seed come playoff time. Emerge as the tournament champion to reap the most valuable rewards.
  • Ultimate Team offers the Collections features, which rewards fans with big coin payouts, exclusive packs, special-edition player profiles and more. Every Collection will show exactly what you need in order to complete it, and new Collections will be available throughout the year. Also, be sure to look for special edition packs around rivalry games, bowl games and other major college football events for your chance to score some rare stuff.

NCAA Football 14 will release July 9th for PlayStation 3 and  Xbox 360.

For the more ultimate action, check out the trailer below.