Creative Director of Remedy Entertainment Announces That Next Big Game Will Not Be Alan Wake 2

on May 22, 2013 3:07 PM

Remedy Entertainment has released a video with Creative Director Sam Lake announcing to fans that Alan Wake 2 is currently not in development–the next big game from the studio will be a new IP altogether. As viewers of yesterday’s Xbox Reveal may already be aware of, this new game is Quantum Break.

Lake states that the biggest obstacle right now for Alan Wake 2‘s development is funding, or lack thereof (is anyone even surprised?). This is mainly because the first Alan Wake did not sell well initially, even though the game picked up steam later on and has currently moved 3 million units. However, according to Lake, they had a chance to make a much less ambitious title but they decided against this since they felt it would not be far to the fans and themselves.

As a token of their appreciation for the fans, Remedy Entertainment is offering a “Humble Bundle,” which includes both Alan Wake and Alan Wake: American Nightmare, collector’s items and special materials that they’ve been saving for such an occasion. The best part? You pay what you want. And as an added bonus, all more Alan Wake related merchandise is being offered at special prices.

I must admit, Remedy Entertainment is truly going above and beyond what many others would do; not only posting a video speaking directly to the fans but working with Microsoft to arrange this kind of deals.

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