New Teaser for Creature Keeper Shows Off the Game's Inventive Combat

Creature Keeper is a one-person project that introduces animal taming into an action-adventure RPG. Developer Fervir teased the imaginative combat in a new teaser today.

Creature Keeper is an upcoming action-adventure RPG made by a solo dev who goes by Fervir. The cornerstones of the gameplay are combat and exploration. Today, Fervir gave a sneak peek at the combat in a teaser. Check it out below.

Details about Creature Keeper are still fairly minimal; it is a one-person show, after all. That said, this combat teaser makes a case for why this project is something to keep an eye on. The main feature of the combat is that you can woo the creatures of the world and get them to fight for you.

In the trailer, the player gives some fruit to a couple of frogs, who then follow their new master into a battle against a magician. The player uses the frogs as meat shields as he sits back and chucks boomerangs at his enemies. We also see the player and a gaggle of large chickens fighting off slimes in a bog.

Companion gathering seems fun and could be a great system depending on how deep Fervir is able to make it. It’s not completely clear if you can tame anything or just certain beasts, but either way, it’s a new approach that could be interesting.

The end of the trailer is what really caught my eye though. We see the player trying to fire his bow at an enemy, but he doesn’t have any arrows. Instead of grabbing another weapon, he throws his bow at the enemies to kill them. This kind of creativity in combat makes the game stand out. Hopefully, Fervir can employee that same level of creativity throughout the game.

Creature Keeper does not have a release date yet, so keep your eyes peeled here for more information on this and other great indies.

Ricky Frech

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