Credit Card Information Can Now Be Stored On Nintendo Switch

Credit Card Information Can Now Be Stored On Nintendo Switch

Players can now save their credit card information on Nintendo Switch.

Finally, after months of waiting, it has been discovered that credit card information can be saved on the Nintendo Switch eshop.

Previously, instead of saving your information, players had to either individually input their information every time they purchased something, or had to add funds to their account. In fact, as of this writing, this is still the official response. Here is the full response from Nintendos website:

No. There is not currently a way to save or store credit card information to your Nintendo Account in the Nintendo Switch eShop. If you want to add funds or purchase software with a credit card, you can add funds to your account either through your Nintendo eShop Account Information or during the purchase process.

Now, players can simply input their information into your profile, just like the other consoles on the market.

Recently, Nintendo reported that Nintendo Switch’s have been selling out the same day as stores get their shipments in. Back in March, Nintendo announced that it had shipped 2.74 million units during the month of March 2017, and it plans to ship 12.74 million units by March of 2018.