Get Trained by VR Rocky Balboa in Creed: Rise to Glory

Yo, Adrian! Developer Survios just announced Creed: Rise to Glory, a VR boxing experience that allows players to fight their way to the top.

We’ve come a long way from Wii Sports boxing, haven’t we? The long-standing tradition of punching people in video games continues as developer Survios announced Creed: Rise to Glory, a new virtual-reality boxing game coming to PlayStation VR and Windows this fall.

Set in the Rocky universe, Creed: Rise to Glory puts players in control of Adonis Creed, an up-and-coming boxer that also happens to be the son of the legendary Apollo Creed.

In the traditional spirit of Rocky, Creed: Rise to Glory‘s Career mode forces players to fight their way to the top of the boxing world. In true Horatio Alger fashion, players must consistently prove their boxing prowess, facing tougher opponents every step of the way.

In addition to the game’s Career mode, Creed: Rise to Glory also includes a Freeplay mode for players just looking to throw a quick punch or two. Of course, players looking to hone their boxing skills can also check out the game’s Training mode, a mode that lets you develop your boxing chops with the help of Rocky Balboa.

Creed: Rise to Glory offers everything a Rocky fan could possibly want. There’s plenty of boxing, Rocky Balboa, and uh, more boxing. While the game doesn’t seem to be loaded with content, its boxing mechanics (courtesy of Survios’ new Phantom Melee Technology) look like plenty of fun. Honestly, getting yelled at by Rocky Balboa will probably be worth the game’s sticker price online. After all, since I’m not trying to get a concussion anytime soon, I’d rather try Creed: Rise to Glory rather than, you know, actually entering a real boxing ring.

Check out the trailer for Creed: Rise to Glory below. Even if you have no interest in the game, the trailer is worth watching just to hear Sylvester Stallone (or a soundalike) say “Rated T for teen.”

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