Indirect God Simulator Crest Receives a Major Community Update

Eat Create Sleep announces that in response to its community's feedback, its god sim Crest has received a major update and a trailer to prove it.

Swedish developer Eat Create Sleep has been doing little more than what its name implies since its indirect god sim Crest launched into Steam Early Access on April 23, 2015. In response to its community’s feedback, the team has recently introduced a few new pieces of content.

In what will be the final module released before the development team moves into its pre-release phase, Crest has received a number of performance improvements and bug fixes, as well as some additional features that were directly requested by the community. Here’s what you can expect to find in the game’s newest build.

Remnants of the world

  • Animals & followers now leave behind skeletons when they die
  • Cities leave behind slowly degrading ruins after its last follower has died


  • Upon death the Chronicler will tell you about the world’s history
  • New end screen that lets you explore the world after your legacy ended
  • Revisit past playthrough’s world spirals & stories


  • A new type of building that followers will build over time to commemorate you, if they have enough materials & faith in you, which will provide an additional boost to the city’s faith.


  • It’s now possible to rename your cities & followers!

Event Notifications

  • A notification bar on top of the screen informs you when something has happened in the world & let’s you navigate to the location it happened by clicking on it.

In Crest, you take on the role of god who must issue a set of commandments for your followers . However, as your followers also have free will, they might interpret those commandments in surprising ways. Will your law lead them to flourish or will it be their demise?

Crest is currently available for PC, Mac, and Linux through the Steam Early Access program. Until December 11, the game is holding a special 10% off promotion, putting its price tag at $9.89. For the full list of improvements and bug fixes, you are encouraged to visit the game’s Steam page. Otherwise, you can find the newest update’s trailer in the video provided below.

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