Black Desert Online Developer Releases Trailers for Crimson Desert, DokeV and Plan 8

Check out the first trailer for Crimson Desert, DokeV, and Plan 8 from Black Desert Online developer Pearl Abyss.

Last week, Black Desert Online developer Pearl Abyss teased three brand new games for PC and consoles: Crimson Desert, DokeV, and Plan 8. They are all pretty different from each other, and their development teams feature some notable alumni from Pearl Abyss and other games like Counter-Strike and RYL Online. Pearl Abyss Connect 2019 recently took place at G-Star 2019, so the developer and publisher gave us our first true look at Crimson Desert, DokeV, and Plan 8.

To start, Crimson Desert’s trailer gives us a nice look at the MMORPG’s world, characters, and story. We now know that Crimson Desert will follow a man named Macduff and his band of mercenaries as they try to survive in the war-torn continent of Pywell. It looks like Black Desert Online merged with Game of Thrones and The Witcher, so if you are a fan of any of those properties this is probably an MMO to keep your eye on. Check out its in-engine trailer below:

Next up is DokeV, and its reveal trailer follows through on Pearl Abyss’ statement to DualShockers, which said that it would be a Pokemon-esque collectible MMORPG. Pearl Abyss’ new summary of DokeV confirms that this title “revolves around the unique creatures called Dokebi that grow and gain power from people’s dreams. An open-world filled with adventure built on Pearl Abyss’ next-generation proprietary game engine awaits!” If Pokemon Sword and Shield aren’t your cup of tea, maybe this will be. Watch the game’s reveal trailer below:

Finally, we have Plan 8, which is an MMO shooter with input from one of Counter-Strike’s creators. The trailer reveals that players will be using exo-suits with unique properties to help in combat and that it will feature deadly-looking robot enemies. This title’s reveal trailer features the most gameplay out of any of today’s new trailers, and you can see it below:

All three games are being developed for PC and unspecified consoles. Crimson Desert and DokeV will both be getting beta tests sometime in 2020 for those who want to try the games out early.

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