Crimson Heist – Rainbow Six Siege Next Operation Teased

Crimson Heist – Rainbow Six Siege Next Operation Teased

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crimson Heist teased by Ubisoft in a recent tweet.

A new era for Rainbow Six Siege is about to begin. Operation Crimson Heist is the official name of the game’s Year 6 Season 1 content which will probably dropped around the end of this month. No further information available at the moment for Crimson Heist R6 Siege operation.

Today, the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account shared the very first look of the next season in the game. Probably, Crimson Heist is going to feature only one new operator similar to the last two seasons as you can see a man with orange glasses in the official Crimson Heist image.

The latest season of the game which is spending its final days, brought in Aruni as a brand new defender to the game. Currently, she is one of the strong operators in the game thanks to her smart entry-blocking gadget and useful weapons. If you haven’t unlocked the operator yet, make sure to jump into the Road to the S.I. 2021 this weekend and pick her as all the operators are unlocked in this limited-time mode.

As the very first season of the Year 6, fans are super excited to see what Ubisoft Montreal will be added to the game by the arrival of Crimson Heist R6 Siege operation. Aside from the operator(s), it’s important to see what changes and features have been prioritized in Year 6. During the four seasons of Year 5, Ubisoft reworked a bunch of maps, applied some changes to Tachanka, and added some new features such as Hard Breach gadgets and new sights. However, no new map has been added over the course of Year 5, which might be an anticipated move for Year 6.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. The Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play it for free.